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Tamil Nadu is considerably older than North India. North India and the Himalayan ranges appeared on the globe quite recently in terms of geological time scales. Even before that, Tamil Nadu existed as part of the continent that linked Africa and Australia together. It was called Lemuria or "Kumarik Kandam". So the origin of the first man should have taken place somewhere in this continent, and later, the race should have migrated to various parts of the world. The Tamils or Dravidians are therefore one of the earliest races of the world. Prehistoric tools and weapons and burial sites have been discovered in various parts of Tamil Nadu


Population:  62.1 Million

Area: 130,058 sq km.

Capital:  Chennai (Madras).

Main Language:  Tamil.

It is a tourist paradise. A glorious culture. A rich tapestry of history . A nature's paradise of blue beaches and clear skies..... a modern state. To get a full view of this enchanting state, you are most welcome to Tamilnadu any time.

You can revel on the Marina beach or go cruising in the theme parks or let your mind rest in peace in the midst of magnificent-temples. You may walk through the living traditions and relive the timeless past. Holidaying in Tamilnadu will cool your feelings and carry home happy memories. Come to this land.

Chennai (Madras)
The Capital City of Tamil Nadu and fourth largest in India, has one of the finest beaches in Asia. It was founded with the construction of Fort St George in 1640 A.D by Francis Day of the East India Company.

Today, Madras is a curious mixture. While it retains the old legacy of the British East India Company and is in some ways, a conservative bastion in social and religious matters, it is also the Hollywood of South India, and simultaneously, a stronghold of traditional Tamil culture. There are churchyards, staid residential areas and prim gardens, alongside high, jazzy cinema posters with giant-sized cutouts of actors and actresses.

Coimbatore or Kovai (as known in the local lingo) is situated on the border between Kerala and Tamilnadu somewhere in the exact middle of Tamilnadu. Coimbatore is the third largest city in Tamilnadu.

It is also the district headquarter of the Coimbatore district. It is the centre of textile manufacturing in the state and there are over a hundred mills in and around. Tirupur, a place nearby but within the district, exports the maximum clothing from the country. Hence, Coimbatore is also known by the sobriquet Manchester of South India.

The headquarters of the Nilgiri region, its exposure to the Palghat Gap of the Western Ghats gives Coimbatore a pleasant weather most of the time. But the summers are not bearable.

Coimbatore is accessible by air, rail and road. There is a domestic airport in the outskirts of the city for fliers. There are hotels of all ranges from non-star to five-star for any kind of visitor to the city. The variety in restaurants are also high, except that majority will be serving South Indian food and will be vegetarian. The bus service also connects all parts of the city.

Coimbatore has a lot to offer a leisure traveller as well. It's ornately carved temples, its lovely landscape of hills, valleys and waterfalls, a salubrious climate and the excellent amenities - all add up to give a great time to a tourist.

Other places around Coimbatore are the Anamalai Wild life Sanctuary (situated in Pollachi about 45 Km from Coimbatore), Amaravathi Reservoir in Anamalai (find a lot of crocodiles there), Topslip (a picturesque locale in the Anamalai Hills), Siruvani Water Falls & Dam (37 kms from the city, the water of Siruvani is known for its taste) and Valparai (102 kms from Coimbatore in the Western Ghats in Anamalai range, it has many tea plantations).

There are also a lot of hill stations around Coimbatore, the famous being Ooty (Popularly known as the Queen of Hill Stations), Coonoor, Kothagiri, Kodaikanal, Mettupalayam and Yercaud. Amusement parks and Water parks like Black Thunder are also worth a visit.

At an altitude of over 7,000 feet in the Western Ghats lies Kodaikanal, the beautiful hill station of Tamil Nadu. A sojourn away from the dust and grime of the city, Kodaikanal offers a cool respite. There is scenic grandeur and many an alluring spot including the spectacular Pillar Rocks, the serene Coaker's Walk and many magnificent waterfalls. The lake with its 5 km long promenade is popular with visitors. Kodaikanal is easily accessible by road.

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