Himachal Pradesh

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Himachal Pradesh: - Another of India's mountainous state, Himachal Pradesh offers exquisite adventure and culture tours. Shimla, the summer Capital of the erstwhile colonial India and now the capital of Himachal Pradesh is easily accessible from Delhi by Air and Train. Manali hill-town is a take off point for various trekking and safari tours to the high plateaus bordering Chinese Tibet & Ladakh. The Spiti, Kaza, Keylong and Sangla Valleys in the far North-East of Himachal Pradesh are shrouded in the mystery of their age-old-isolation and pristine natural beauty waiting to be explored for their unique terrain, culture and ethnic-stock.

Dharamshala, the nascent township of Macleaod Ganj, inhabited by Tibetan refugees and Dalai Lama, is a hub of cultural and adventure activities.

Trans-Himalayan Safari. A spectacular journey or some of the world's highest road passes and vast high-altitude desert expanses & plateous. The journey from Manali to Leh takes you over 3 high mountain passes of Rohtang (3980m), Baraclacha (4892m) and Tanglangla. The dramatic landscape changes, vast high altitude steppes and endless chains of mountains, the multi-hued pinnacles, architectural gorges and ravines makes an exhilarating journey-a journey not less mystical than the destination Ladakh itself. Foothills of Dhauladhar Trek a short medium grade trek, picturesque villages and trails with Dhauladhar range dominating the landscape.

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